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is honored to offer the distinctively different pottery, textiles and hand-carved wooden accessories from Bulgaria, a culturally rich though little-known country.  Our collection of treasures are the result of the close collaboration we have developed with artisans throughout Bulgaria and are offered to you with love.
Bulgarians draw their roots deep from the ancient gods.  From the lineage of Dionysus, God of merriment, they inherited an appreciation for a life filled with revelry.  Everywhere you turn, there is music, dancing, food and wine!
Bulgaria is a precious jewel that has been hidden away for decades. The passing of the centuries has married a complexity of cultures that we in the West know so little of. We invite you to come and join our journey of Treasures from a Hidden Culture!
George & Donna Hadjipopov 

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BULGAR USA, INC. is a direct manufacturer and importer

Our valued clients include interior designers, lifestyle stores, catalogue companies, fine food stores, art galleries & wineries,