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White Rose Deep Dish

Handmade in Troyan, this decorative style unique to Bulgaria has a  magical imagery that has been compared to butterflies and peacocks with a clear historical connection to this royal bird of the Ottoman Courts.  Traditionally each woman had her own recognizable and unique style working with the natural terra cotta as the base color.  We're honored to have brought this artistic expression back to it's roots by encouraging our artisans to explore their individual creativity while at the same time produce foodsafe tableware in fresh contemporary colors while maintaining the inherent cultural foundation.

White Chocolate Bairak Dish

With the imagery of mountainous Bulgaria, Bairak is a decorative technique that was influenced by the Ottoman Empire's 500 year presence in Bulgaria. Originally, the color was applied via a bull's horn! Feathers would be employed to further enhance the design.

While of born of ancient lineage our Bairak line offers a striking and contemporary look that marries beautifully with many decorative designs.


While visiting the local ceramic museum we were inspired to modernize this very ancient decorative style. Originally fingers were used to drag the colors down the surface of the pot. Now our ladies keep their hands, somewhat, clean.
We currently have casseroles, pitchers, mugs and this vase in our Raindrop decorative style.

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