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Veliko Turnavo Style



Walking into third-generation Master Potter Nikolai Yovkov's studio is quite an event.  Shelves are filled with yoghurt vessels made by his grand-father, tea sets by his father, figurines by his daughter and are all clearly made with a deep love and commitment to the art of clay while honoring his nation's cultural history.
Born into a family of artisans, Nikolais' deep connection to his craft was passed on to him first by his grandfather Nikolai Stoyan Yovkov (1915-1979) a premier potter who created his own unique style and his celebrated father.  
While Nikolai clearly draws from his traditional heritage, he has developed his own very unique style.  The foundation of which draws from the old ceramics of Veliko Tunovo, the capital of Bulgaria during the 12th and 13th Centuries.
Once a vessel is hand-formed the  pale yellow liquid engobe is applied, Nikolai then hand-carves decorations into the clay, followed by his application pigments and glazing. This complex process can only be executed by one of great ability and passion.  Nikolai Yovkov is just such an artisan.  BULGAR USA is honored to introduce this exclusive Signature Collection to you.  Our Founder, Donna Hadjipopov, has been honored to visit the ceramic school where Master Nikolai continues to teach and speak with the young students, encouraging them to follow their passion and know that there will always be a market for things made by hand and with love.
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