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Photos taken by Adrienne Valenza
We are happy to introduce our new textile collection which is the result of our close collaboration with the talented IMI CO. headed by Tzventanka and her husband Margarit. Each weaving is made from 100% Virgin Sheep's Wool that is sourced from families local to their workshop. Our palette is solely the naturally occurring colors: Cream, Taupe, Beige and Brown.  No synthetic cleaning agents are used nor moth-proofing chemicals.  All our wool items can be machine washed on gentle cycle and line dried in the sun or laid flat.  Our collection includes yummy shawls, throws, blankets, pillows and rugs.

Sheep's wool is one of the healthiest fibers to have in your home. Dust mites cannot live in their environment thus respiratory challenges such as asthma are not compromised. Furthermore wool wicks moisture away from your body, maintaining a comfortable temperature in all seasons. And unlike down comforters, no animal's life has been sacrificed. We begin the process of shearing in late May; the wool is then washed without use of chemicals in pure spring water that comes down the mountains. Many families bring their wool to the workshop (some even bartering for finished products rather than for money) where the processing begins. Carding machines makes the fleece fluffy and manageable to handle. From this machine it is then made into yarn and transferred to bobbins. The women who weave and hand-knit our textiles are a close team thanks to Tzvetanka's supportive and gracious management style. 

This work is critically important in the region as unemployment rates are as high as 25%.  It is amazing that a simple gesture of wanting to help a few women economically back in 2000 has resulted in our company.  We are grateful to the many designers, retail stores and individuals who have supported us along the way and forward.
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BULGAR USA, INC. is a direct manufacturer and importer

Our valued clients include interior designers, lifestyle stores, catalogue companies, fine food stores, art galleries & wineries,