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Yogurt Pot

Bulgarian yogurt contains Lactobacillus bulgaricus which lives only under the climatic conditions of this mountainous nation, thus the yogurt you'll eat in Bulgaria has its own very distinct flavor and nutritional properties. We like to prepare ours in the evening so it's ready for breakfast; a special treat is Palachinki; Simply fill crepes with yogurt, drizzle with honey, roll up the crepe and sprinkle walnuts on top, Enjoy!

Following is our recipe for Bulgarian Yogurt:
Heat one quart of milk (whole or skim as you prefer) until it just comes to a boil, put it aside and let it cool for half an hour. You'll know it's ready by putting your small finger in the milk: it should be warm to the touch but not very hot.
Beat 4 ounces plain yogurt (be sure the label says "with active bacteria", preferably with Bulgarian culture)with a wire whisk in a bowl. Add one cup of the warm milk and mix well. Little by little add the yogurt-milk mixture to the rest of the milk. Mix again. Pour into four of our BULGAR yogurt pots and cover with a piece of cheesecloth or paper towel to absorb any evaporating moisture. Put the little top on and cover with a folded bath towel in a warm spot out of drafts. Let the yogurt rest for several hours until it has thickened. Regrigerate for 3 hours to chill. Be sure to reserve 4 ounces for your next batch.


Bulgarian Pepper
Our hand-crafted condiment holders, both ceramic and wood are used to hold salt & pepper. However, the 'pepper' Bulgarians use is quite unique. Known as 'Sharena Sol (colored salt) in many areas of Bulgaria or as 'Merudia' in our Pirin Mountain region, this complex blend of dried spices and herbs varies from town to town. Typically each individual creates their own personal blend which is made from a combination that can include cumin, savory, fenugreek, thyme, paprika, oregano, marjoram, black & red pepper and a bit of salt. Enjoy!

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